Baked Granola Production Line Equipment

Whether you are a veteran snack food manufacturer or are new to baked granola production, better baking begins with premium line equipment from Reading Bakery Systems.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), based in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, has been at the forefront of industrial baking systems and technology for over 125 years, serving customers in the global foodservice industries.

Our brands – Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing, and Reading Thermal – offer production lines capable of producing a wide range of snack products, continuous mixing solutions, and oven profiling and consulting services.

The RBS Granola Production System

Many students, outdoors enthusiasts, busy office workers, and others turn to granola when searching for a healthier snack option.

RBS has designed the new Granola Production System with efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in mind to help our customers optimize their production. It includes:

AMF Batch Mixer: AMF’s Specialty Sigma Arm Mixer offers maximum flexibility and unmatched reliability for various dough types. (RBS does not manufacture the mixer.) AMF’s dough system offers low maintenance, labor-free dough handling for the most consistent dough, batch after batch.

Omega IV Dispenser: Irregular-sized materials, such as dried fruit pieces, cream cracker fat/flour mixes, and chocolate chunks, are easily handled by the Omega IV Dispenser and its overhead kibbler. A conveyor is the product distributor at the bottom of the Dispenser. Toppings are funneled toward the distribution conveyor by the live bottom product hopper without bridging or clumping.

Guillotine Cutter: Whether used before or after baking, the Reading Pretzel Guillotine Cutter and Slitter are designed to uniformly cut products. Operate it in continuous mode at up to 175cpm or in cycle mode at speeds up to 50 cpm. Thanks to its accurate cutting control, the operator can create a product size as short as one inch (25 mm) by pressing a button. Cutters can be built as stand-alone machines or integrated into an existing production frame and control system.

PRISM Emithermic Oven: The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN is an established single-pass baking platform that provides balanced and consistent baking flexibility. The Emithermic Zone (Radiant/Convection) offers radiant and convective heat transfer and a humidity-controlled product zone that gives you greater control when baking wirecut and rotary moulded cookies and granola. The Emithermic Zone uses Thermatec high radiant panels for more efficient radiant heat transfer. The type of heat, temperature and air velocity can be easily changed with automatic controls.

As suppliers of innovative baked granola production line equipment, Reading Bakery Systems can help you overcome the operational hurdles of venturing into this healthy snack segment. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 or contact us online to explore the bakery industry’s most advanced commercial baking products.