Continuous Dough Mixer Suppliers USA

As suppliers of state-of-the-art continuous dough mixers, Reading Bakery Systems would be happy to customize a solution for your industrial bakery in the USA that will help you improve your mixing process.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), headquartered in Robesonia, PA, serves the biscuit, cookie, cracker, pretzel, baked potato chip, bread snack, sweet goods and pet treat industries. We can help you customize equipment and systems to meet your production demands.

Continuous Mixing vs Batch Mixing

Batch mixing is not precise and can lead to dough variations.Even if the dough is perfect when it leaves the batch mixer, changes often occur to the dough while it waits to be processed.This is known as the batch cycle. These variations can negatively affect the consistency of your finished products.

Continuous Mixing solves these problems by:

  • Preventing undesirable variations from batch to batch
  • Consistently dispersing ingredients
  • Promoting even dough hydration
  • Producing consistent finished weight, size and texture
  • Producing large quantities of uniform dough
  • Improving recipe control and repeatability
  • Offering dough production rates of 50 to 10,000 kg/hour
  • Eliminating chances of dough contamination
  • Eliminating mixer loading errors
  • Automating the process to use less labor and energy than batch mixing
  • Achieving verifiable kill temperatures for non-baked products

Available Mixer Models

Cookies, Snacks, Nut Bars, Batters, Icings, Pastes

The MX Continuous Mixer, our most versatile mixer, is specifically designed for products with dough moisture levels that range from very low to high, as well as those with inclusions that need to be protected from damage. It’s an excellent solution for products that require high-energy mixing and features special mixing actions to ensure inclusion integrity.

Buns, Breads, Rolls, English Muffins, Tortillas

The HDX or High Development Continuous Mixer is ideal for ultra-high absorption doughs. In the first stage, all ingredients are mixed into a uniform mass with a twin screw mixer. In a separate section, a single screw mixer kneads the dough to the proper development level.This mixer offers dough production rates from 1,500 to 10,000 kg/hour.

Crackers, Bagels, Pizza, Pretzels, Pie Crust, Sweet Goods, Pet Treats

Exact Mixing offers the EX Continuous Mixer which is designed specifically for mixing low absorption, stiff, wheat-based dough.The thorough mixing action quickly develops a mass and evenly blends the leavening agents into the dough for a uniform piece size after the oven.

Cookies & Other Products That Need 2-Stage Mixing

For products that require ingredients to be blended before adding most of the flour, the LDX Continuous Mixer is an excellent choice. In the first mixing stage, all minor ingredients can be combined with some of the flour and the fat can be cut in. In the final stage, the remaining flour is added to create the final dough.

Potato Snacks, Corn Chips, Rice Chips, Veggie Chips

The FX Continuous Mixer distributes small amounts of moisture evenly into large amounts of powder. This is accomplished by lifting the powder into atomized liquids. This mixer is ideal for hydroscopic powders such as potato ¬flakes used to make fabricated potato chips or any other low moisture mixtures.It prevents the creation of wet and dry areas in the final dough.

As you evaluate continuous dough mixer suppliers in the USA, get in touch with Reading Bakery Systems at (01) 610-693-5816 to learn more about our state-of-the-art equipment. If you are undecided, visit the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center where you will find pilot versions of all Exact mixers and can see your products being mixed in a continuous process.