Continuous Mixers for Bun Production Lines

Whether you need Continuous Mixers for your bun production lines or mixing equipment for a different application, contact Reading Bakery Systems to explore our state-of-the-art equipment that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), headquartered in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, manufactures innovative baking equipment solutions for customers in the global food and snack industries. We provide reliable and efficient systems for the production of bread, bread snacks, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, pretzels, crackers, baked potato chips, baked crisps, pet treats, and more.

We proudly offer the world’s most technologically advanced equipment and systems from:

  • Exact Mixing (the world’s most innovative developer of Continuous Mixing solutions);
  • Thomas L. Green (which has supplied the biscuit, cracker and cookie industries since 1893);
  • Reading Pretzel (whose long history of manufacturing expertise dates back to 1947); and
  • Reading Thermal (which manufactures the SCORPION® 2 Profiling System, a standard in the baking industry).

Continuous Mixing for Buns

The Exact Mixing HDX Continuous Mixer was explicitly developed to manufacture ultra-high absorption, highly developed dough at low temperatures, such as bread, hot dog and hamburger buns, hard rolls, English muffins, tortillas, and multi-grain products.

This two-stage High Development Continuous Mixer first mixes all ingredients into a uniform mass with a twin-screw mixer. Then, in a separate section, the dough is kneaded to the proper development level with a single-screw mixer.

The mixer provides uninterrupted and precise ingredient metering to the mixer and eliminates the chance of contamination because the dough is never exposed to the environment. It offers dough production rates of 1,500 to 10,000 kg/hour.

Continuous Mixing for Other Applications

EX Continuous Mixer – The EX Continuous Mixer is ideal for wheat-based snacks such as sweet goods, crackers, pie crusts, pretzels, and pet treats, and is also well suited for all but the lowest viscosity powder/liquid mixtures. It uniformly mixes doughs with a variety of moisture levels without generating excessive heat.This single-screw mixer offers dough production rates of 50 to 10,000 kg/hour.

MX Continuous Mixer – The MX Continuous Mixer is an extremely versatile twin-screw mixer that is suitable for a wide range of products, including cookies, snacks, batters, icings, pretzels, pizza, and pastes. It is also an ideal first stage mixer for processes that require creme up and pre-blend stages. This mixer offers dough production rates of 500 to 6,000 kg/hour.

FX Continuous Mixer – The FX Continuous Mixer is ideal for distributing small amounts of moisture evenly into large quantities of powder, such as potato flakes used to make fabricated potato chips and any other low moisture mixtures, which is accomplished by lifting the powder into atomized liquids. This high shear mixer offers dough production rates of 100 to 1,250 kg/hour.

LDX Continuous Mixer – The LDX Continuous Mixer is an excellent choice for most types of cookies and similar applications where ingredients are blended before adding flour. This mixer offers dough production rates of 1,500 to 7,500 kg/hour.

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