Industrial Bakery Equipment Suppliers

As leading suppliers of industrial bakery equipment, Reading Bakery Systems serves snack food manufacturers around the globe. We offer a complete line of mixing, dough handling and forming, baking, drying, and supplemental equipment that helps customers meet their production challenges.

Headquartered in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, Reading Bakery Systems offers state-of-the-art, reliable, and efficient systems for the production of cookies, biscuits, pretzels, crackers, baked potato chips, bread, buns and rolls, baked crisps, pet treats, and more.

Complete Turnkey Production Systems

RBS manufactures and installs complete turnkey production systems that feature the latest technology and can help customers efficiently and profitably produce baked snacks. These systems have the flexibility to integrate batch or continuous mixing.

The Thomas L. Green Hard & Soft Biscuit System creates sheeted and rotary moulded biscuits. For hard biscuits, this system offers a 3-Roll Sheeter, Gauge Rolls and flexible Rotary Cutting Station. Soft biscuits are made on a Rotary Moulder designed to efficiently produce high definition, three dimensional biscuits, cookies and pet treats.

With the Multi-Crisp Baked Snack System, you can produce a variety of wheat, potato, multi-grain and corn masa flour crisps on one flexible system. The system can produce between 250-1,000 kg/hr of finished product, depending on the number of oven sections after the dough sheeting equipment.

The modular Stackable Chip System is designed to reliably and efficiently produce fabricated stackable fried chips. The system includes a specialized FX Continuous Mixing System, 2-Roll Sheeter and Rotary Cutting Station and can produce between 500-1,000 kg/hr depending on the fryer capacity (not supplied by RBS).

Want to Create a New Product Line?

The innovative RBS Expanded Snack System enables you to create puffy, crunchy, direct expanded snacks made from cereal ingredients, such as rice, corn, and potato. These ready-to-eat snacks come in a variety of simple shapes, including curls, balls, rings, animals, and stars, and are often textured and coated with salt, spices, or cheese to make them tasty and fun. 

Looking to create healthy, tasty snacks that are popped instead of being fried in oil? RBS and Incomec, a Belgian manufacturer of popping/puffing equipment, have partnered to supply customers in the USA and Canada with specialized popped snack equipment. The Popped Snack System will include supply a Pellex C+ or Cerex Processor depending on the final product you wish to produce.

RBS also offers the extrusion-based Fried Potato Ring System, which is designed for the flexible, efficient, high-volume production of extruded fried snacks, such as the popular fried potato ring product. It is capable of producing finished product at 200-1,000 kg/hour.

See the Equipment in the Innovation Center

At the heart of RBS is our 30,000 square foot Science & Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, USA. Customers can work with our team to test new machinery and processing techniques; research innovations in mixing, forming, baking, and drying that can increase profitability; develop new products; validate new ingredients and test ingredient changes; and produce market samples for testing.

As global suppliers, Reading Bakery Systems has been at the forefront of industrial bakery equipment and technology for more than 125 years and provides complete automated solutions. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 to explore our product line.