Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading bakery and snack production systems manufacturers, has redesigned its Low Pressure (LP) Extruder to be safer, more efficient and easier to clean. The LP Extruder creates a wide variety of pretzel and snack products, including pretzel shapes, sticks, braids, bread snacks, filled products and more.

The LP Extruder and other processing solutions from RBS will be highlighted at SNAXPO 2018, March 12-14 in Atlanta. RBS will exhibit at Booth 435.

The demands on our customers for greater safety, sanitation and efficiency have led to the redesign of the LP Extruder.

“The redesign is the result of our commitment to continuous improvement through our SafeShield Program, which is an ongoing effort to find new and better ways of enhancing the safety and sanitation of our equipment. This enables us to support our customers as they deal with the increasing challenges of modern snack food production,” said Joseph Zaleski, President of RBS.

The features of the redesigned LP Extruder include augers that deliver more product flow with less work to the product; new lightweight, seamless, single-piece hoppers that eliminate harborage areas; pre-feed rolls made of plastics that are safe for food processing; an improved cutting mechanism with a longer service life; improved guarding for increased safety; and a bandcutter cam that is positioned away from the product zone to reduce contamination and provide easier maintenance access.

The LP Extruder’s flexibility enables it to produce this range of products with a simple change of the compression head and forming dies. It delivers efficient and precise dough forming and cutting with consistent and accurate piece weights. Options include pre-feed rollers, rotating nozzle dies for braided twist production and unique co-extrusion for production of filled products.