Commercial Cracker Manufacturing Process

If you are looking for state-of-the-art cracker production equipment for your commercial bakery that will improve your products and manufacturing process, look no further than Reading Bakery Systems.

Reading Bakery Systems, headquartered in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s most innovative equipment for the production of cookies, crackers, biscuits, baked potato chips, pretzels, bread snacks, baked crisps, pet treats and more, and can help you reduce labor, cut costs, and produce consistent, high-quality products.

High-Volume Cracker Production Systems

The Thomas L. Green brand has been supplying cracker manufacturers with efficient, reliable, and sanitary production systems since 1893.

Our modern, high volume cracker systems enable you to create straight sheeted, dual sheeted and laminated crackers. Sheeting systems can range from 600mm to 1.5m in width, and production volumes range from 200-5500 kg/hr depending on oven length, width and product type.

Equipment for complete cracker systems includes:

Mixing: The Thomas L. Green Vertical Spindle Mixer is a proven and efficient solution for mixing fermented, unfermented, and rotary moulded dough. It is an excellent choice for two-stage batch mixing where consistency and repeatability are required to control product quality.

The Exact EX Continuous Mixer uniformly mixes products with a variety of dough moisture levels, reduces lay time, eliminates dough troughs, and reduces labor and energy thanks to full automation.This mixer offers dough production rates from 100 to 10,000 kg/hour.

Sheeting: Thomas L. Green 2-roll, 3-roll, and 4-Roll Sheeters produce hole-free sheets at a uniform density that is critical to automated packaging systems after the oven. Consistent sheet thickness is controlled by the distance between the rolls that compress the dough (which is adjustable). Gauging Stations will ensure a precise, gentle dough sheet reduction before shape cutting at the Rotary Cutting Station.

Laminating: The Thomas L. Green Servo-Cut Sheet Laminator and In-Line Laminator accurately cut, stack and deliver sheets of dough for unique product textures. The precise and gentle placement of cut sheets provides uniform dough density at both the edges and center of the finished cracker sheet for consistency. Dough sheeters may be installed to the side, or directly above, the Laminator for a compact and efficient production layout.

Topping Dispensers: Toppings of all kinds can be easily dispersed by one of our Omega Dispensers. These dispensers can handle a wide range of materials, from uniformly sized to fine-grain to irregular-sized toppings, and have leveling mechanisms that minimize material bridging and clumping.

Baking: The flexible Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN is a single-pass baking platform that offers Direct Gas Fired (DGF) zones, Emithermic (Radiant / Convection) zones and Convection zones to perfectly bake your crackers. For more than 125 years, customers have appreciated this oven’s capacity for repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity, and type of heat transfer.

Cooling: The Thomas L. Green Forced Air Ambient Cooling Conveyor significantly reduces the internal heat of products immediately after they exit the baking chamber.

Separating: The Thomas L. Green Cracker Breaker precisely breaks serrated cracker sheets into orderly stacks ready for cooling, hand-loading or delivery into automated packaging systems.

Explore the unrivalled range of commercial equipment for your cracker manufacturing equipment that is available from Reading Bakery Systems. Get in touch with us at (01) 610-693-5816, or click here to contact us online for more information.