Industrial Bakery Mixers for Sale

The dough mixing process is crucial because it has an impact on the quality of your final product. Reading Bakery Systems offers industrial bakery mixers for sale in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50 to 10,000 kg/hour, that will help you produce a better-quality finished product.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) is a leading manufacturer of commercial bakery equipment. Our industry-leading brands – Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Reading Thermal and Exact Mixing – offer leading-edge production lines capable of a wide range of snack products, innovative continuous mixing systems, and oven profiling services. No matter which snack foods you produce, we are ready to help you meet your challenges.

Continuous Mixers

Batch mixing can lead to dough variations that affect the consistency of your finished products.Continuous mixing has grown in popularity for its ability to continuously produce a more consistent dough.

The advantages of continuous mixing include:

  • More precise delivery of raw materials to the mixer
  • Improved consistency of weight, size and texture
  • Elimination of dough troughs
  • Recipe control and repeatability
  • Completely automated process

Exact Continuous Mixers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50 to 10,000 kg/hour. Models include the Exact MX Continuous Mixer, our most versatile mixer, which is ideal for a wide range of products such as cookies, snacks, pizza, batters, icings and pastes, and the Exact EX Continuous Mixer, which is well-suited to crackers, pretzels, sweet goods, pet treats and other wheat-based products.

Different continuous mixers are available based primarily on dough moisture levels or doughs that require two mixing stages.

Vertical Spindle Mixers

The Thomas L. Green Vertical Spindle Mixer is a proven and efficient solution for mixing fermented, unfermented, and rotary moulded dough. It is an excellent choice for two-stage batch mixing where consistency and repeatability are required to control product quality.

A trusted workhorse in the baking industry for more than a century, the mixing action of the Vertical Spindle Mixer is gentle, making it ideal for doughs with ingredients that can be easily damaged during the mixing process

The features of this cutting-edge mixer include:

  • Independent gearboxes for each vertical spindle mixer
  • Hardened rails for vertical movement of the mixing head
  • Configurable mixing paddles for different products
  • Motorized spindle raising system
  • Spindle paddle shafts supported on spherical roller bearings
  • Dough trough lock-in-place mechanism; air operated
  • Shipped 90% assembled for quick installation

RBS Science & Innovation Center

If you are interested in learning how our industrial mixing and other bakery equipment can increase productivity in your operation, we encourage you to conduct confidential trials in the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center and duplicate conditions you might encounter in full-scale production.

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