Automated Dough Handling System

The Dough Handling System is a designed to meet daily production demands while maintaining ease of operation and sanitation. The completely automated system precisely portions, conditions and transports wheat, corn, potato-wheat or sweet biscuit dough to your forming equipment, and is capable of handling batches up to 2,500 pounds.

The Dough Handling System consists of a Mixer Discharge Conveyor, Loafmaker, Lift Conveyor and Shuttle.

Mixer Discharge Conveyor

The Mixer Discharge Conveyor transports large masses of dough produced by the mixer. This eliminates the need for manual labor between the mixer and the loaf making equipment. The loading, belt movement and belt type can all be uniquely designed to fit production requirements, and the conveyor bed may be retractable to facilitate staging of the dough batch.


Whether you use continuous mixing or batch mixing, the Loafmaker gently conveys the dough, and then, either kibbles or forms it into loaves that range from 5 to 15 pounds.

Lift Conveyor

The Lift Conveyor receives dough loaves from the Loafmaker and transports them to the forming equipment. It may be fitted with a flighted conveyor belt for more granulated doughs.


The Shuttle evenly distributes dough loaves across the width of the forming system, automatically dumping dough on demand into each hopper to maintain the required level. The pneumatically actuated dump gate keeps dough from sticking to the Shuttle.