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The Latest Tech from Reading Bakery Systems

Our Reading Bakery Systems engineers are always exploring new technology that revolutionize your equipment and processes, keeping you on the cutting edge of snack production.

Discover the latest tech to learn how you can optimize performance and maximize product output.

New Multi-Pass Environmentally Controlled Proofer Delivers Efficiency, Product Consistency

Accelerate snack proofing time by accurately controlling heat and humidity.
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New Ambient Cooling Conveyor for Cracker Systems Increases Efficiency, Reduces Footprint

New conveyor design is more efficient to operate, easier to clean and maintain.
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Breakthrough Technology Helps You Bake Perfect Product and Improve Oven Throughput

The new patented SCORPION® 2 Digital Humidity Sensor provides a better way to measure humidity in your oven, proofer, dryer and cooling tunnel.
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Meet the WCS Wirecut Machine, a Game- Changer for the Cookie Industry

The new advanced Thomas L. Green WCS Servo Wirecut Machine offers more control, flexibility, better safety features and easier sanitation than traditional machines.
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Discover the World of Healthier Snacking with the New Baked Granola Production Line

Reading Bakery Systems now offers a Baked Granola Production Line. The complete system includes leading mixing, dispensing, and baking technologies.
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Instant, Even Hydration: Exact Mixing Awarded Patent for Cutting-Edge Hydrobond Technology

Exact Mixing, the leading supplier of innovative continuous mixing solutions, has been awarded patent protection for their Hydrobond Technology® by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
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Better is Baked Right In. Healthier Pet Treats & Baked Kibble

Reading Bakery Systems offers several different forming equipment options to create a variety of pet treats, including rotary moulded, extruded and sheeted products.
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