4-Roll Sheeter

Create a uniform dough sheet with minimal stress, sheer or crystallization

The Thomas L. Green 4-Roll Sheeter creates a consistent dough sheet ready for dough forming, lamination, or further reduction. Two upper forcing rolls draw the dough into the pressurized cavity between the four rolls.The two lower rolls are smooth and maintain a constant density of dough, creating a smooth dough sheet.

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Features & Specifications

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Our cutting-edge equipment optimizes output and efficiency to improve your products and your process.
  • Roll gap distance can be measured and monitored during production
  • Sheet thickness can be adjusted during production
  • Separate direct drives for independent roll control
  • Easy access for maintenance and inspection
  • Hopper level sensing for accurate hopper fill
  • Adjustable speed differential and pressure transducer to optimize dough sheet quality
  • Can be floor mounted (as shown) or positioned above the Laminator
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RBS equipment is designed and built to our SafeShield Program standards to ensure operator safety, easy and quick sanitation and food safety. Key SafeShield features for this machine are:

  • Guards are designed to meet latest safety guidelines; electronically interlocked where appropriate
  • Guard design allows for easy inspection during production
  • Integrated roll scrapers

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Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest, custom designed control systems for your equipment. All control systems are designed and built in house. We stay up to date on the latest technologies, safety standards and control specifications to keep your production running safely and efficiently.
  • Hopper level sensing
  • Roll gap, roll speeds and conveyor speeds are all adjustable at the touchscreen control interface
  • Motorized gap control