Reading Thermal has announced that their new Digital Humidity Sensor has been granted a U.S. Patent on March 24, 2020.

The proprietary new sensor with Anti-Saturation TechnologyTM allows for increased accuracy and ease of operation in baking and cooling environments. It prevents condensation from accumulating on the internal sensor and allows for fluid communication between the sensor chip and both intake and exhaust air samples.

The new generation Digital Humidity Sensor produces data that is unaffected by combustion gases as it measures Dew Point Temperatures, Absolute Humidity and Relative Humidity. The improved design now precisely records measurements in very high dew point environments such as the steam injection used in bread ovens. The new capabilities maintain tight tolerances regardless of the oven platform. Additionally, the new humidity sensor now provides users the benefit of no preheating, increased dwell time and two product probe inputs. With Reading Thermal’s patented Digital Humidity Sensor, it is now possible to accurately measure humidity in commercial ovens having multiple zones with different temperature or other baking parameters.

For commercial bakers this means:

  • Improved product consistency and quality control
  • Increased product throughput
  • Prevention of product cracking and blistering
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Improved Food Safety

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