Better Baking Begins Here: Oven Theory, Setup & Execution

Presenter: Ken Zvoncheck, Director of Process Technology

Date/Time: April 27, 2021 at 11 AM EST

Better Baking Begins Here: Snack Oven Theory, Setup & Execution

Reading Bakery Systems has been designing and building ovens for over 125 years. With this history of baking experience, our team of process experts understand the science behind baking technology and how to optimize your oven to make sure it is baking perfect product day in and day out. In this seminar, Ken Zvoncheck will cover the fundamentals of tunnel ovens used in baked snacks in order to give manufacturers optimum productivity and quality. Topics addressed during this presentation include:  

                      • Convection versus direct gas fired heat application
                      • Conduction heat balance
                      • Heat flux
                      • Optimum baking temperature profiles
                      • Exhaust function in baking
                      • Optimizing bake time
                      • Oven belt product loading
                      • Product quality issues and troubleshooting

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