Worldwide Locations

Serving the Global Snacks Market from Locations Around the World

RBS has elevated its global presence with full-scale production facilities in both the US and China. Along with sales and service representatives strategically placed throughout the world, RBS is able to decrease technical support response and delivery times.

Reading Bakery Systems, Pennsylvania, USA

The Reading Bakery Systems World Headquarters is located in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, USA. RBS was founded as Reading Pretzel Machinery 1946. Since then, we have moved and expanded numerous times. Our corporate headquarters facilities includes four buildings and is the primary location for:

  • Sales and Business Administration
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly
  • RBS Science & Innovation Center
  • Reading Thermal

Thomas L. Green Facility, Indiana, USA

Thomas L. Green was founded in 1893 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. T.L. Green joined RBS in 2001. This current facility includes offices and manufacturing in support of the Thomas L. Green Cookie & Cracker Product Line including:

  • Equipment Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Parts Manufacturing and Customer Service Center
  • Upgrades and Retrofit Equipment Projects

Reading Bakery Systems - Markel Food Group Facility

The Markel Food Group Facility in Tianjin, China was founded in 2009. This includes offices and manufacturing facilities in support of AMF and RBS product lines. This facility includes: