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Gluten-Free High Protein Cracker and a High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie with Superfood Quinoa



RBS and Ingredion partnered to develop 2 new products: A Gluten-Free High Protein Cracker Crisp and a High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie with Superfood Quinoa

Date/Time: August 10, 2021 / 9AM Guatemala/Costa Rica, 10 AM Mex/Col/Ecu/Per, 11AM Arg/Chi

With ever-changing consumer trends, innovative product development is the only way to keep pace. As consumers gravitate to diet-centric foods, gluten-free and high-protein snacks are increasing in popularity.

In this upcoming virtual seminar, we partnered with Ingredion to develop two healthy snacks at our Innovation Center. Using a new pea protein and pea flour, we created a high protein, gluten-free cracker crisp and using superfood quinoa we created a tasty gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.

In the presentation, Ingredion will share healthy snack trends and ingredients and RBS will share the key steps of successful new snack product development. You will see real-life snack development scenarios, resulting in new products being made on our pilot-scale production lines.


In this presentation, we’ll cover:

  • Collaboration: The value of partnering for new product development
  • Innovation: Creativity and flexibility to capitalize on market trends
  • Production: Ingredients, process, and equipment in action


The presenters will be:

  • Ken Zvoncheck, Director of Process Technology, RBS

  • Sam Pallottini, Director Cookie, Cracker, and Pet Food Sales, RBS

  • Erin Nese, Technologist, Ingredion

  • Maria Tolchinsky, Global Senior Marketing Manager, Ingredion


If this date and time do not work for you, the seminar will be available to everyone that is registered for 15 days

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